Online Event and Log Management

Get complete application visibility in real-time

Built for Laravel

We're tuned to work especially well with Laravel web apps. Get started in seconds with our Laravel service provider


Powerful search

Use our search interface to quickly and easily get visibility on your event and log data.

Events are processed and indexed in real-time so that you can immediately isolate and solve problems.

Understand application behaviour works with all common log methods and formats.

Our interface allows you to drill down and analyse across different time spans and events with ease.

Team and Event Management

Process log data in any format, across any system, and any team. Your data is accessible from one place.

Create separate channels to segregate your data sources and get deep insight into your application data.

Amazon S3 archives provides daily data replication to your S3 bucket.

With few simple steps you'll have long term archive of your log data.

Custom Dashboard

Detect trends and problems immediately by creating your own customised dashboard with a variety of widgets, including Event Frequency and Trending Values.

Plays nice with Laravel

We're built for Laravel applications, which means that you get a level of integration and analysis that is not possible with other log management tools. For example, you can easily view all events for a specific IP address, or you can hook into `Auth:user` to track events on a per user basis.

Laravel specific custom field providers gives you immense power to customise your log data.

Customer Love

Rik Heywood
Director of Software Engineering

"We use to track all our products in production, staging and even development, giving us live visibility of any events or errors that our customers are seeing, as they happen. We have 10's of thousands of charging points and gives us instant access to the state of our entire network 24/7, making problem diagnosis far simpler."

Andrew Del Prete
Lead Developer

" has helped us with the arduous task of log deciphering. It does an amazing job of presenting your applications's logs in a easily understood and searchable manner. We use it across all of our services to immediately get to the root cause of any problems as and when they come up."

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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer free support?

Unlimited free support is included in all payment plans - visit our help desk at any time.

Can I switch payment plans?

You can switch between payment plans at any time and your new plan will begin immediately.

Does the free trial require a credit card?

No credit card required - sign up for free and pay nothing until you are ready.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No. Pay-as-you-go on a monthly basis and cancel at any time.

Can I invite additional users?

Yes! All plans include unlimited additional users at no extra charge.

How about multiple log sources?

No problem - you can use the same account for multiple log sources.

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