Understand.io is a real-time centralized event, log data management and analytics service. It allows you to search, filter and group data by your defined queries and makes it possible to find answers to very complex questions about your event data.

Dashboard Overview

How to Send Data

The Understand.io API is based on the HTTP protocol which is well supported in most programming languages.

One of the simplest examples on how to send events is via CURL:

curl -XPOST https://api.understand.io/your-input-key -d '{"message":"my very first event"}'
  • your-input-key is an API key from your channel administration tab and is unique for each channel.
  • {"message":"my very first event"} is the JSON event that you would like to send.

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How to Search

Understand.io supports simple and advanced search queries to make searching useful in all situations.

You can start executing search queries once you have a few events in your channel. In the following example we have sent three events to our channel:

{"message":"my first event"}
{"message":"my second event"}
{"message":"my third event"}

Notice that we have same term my in all three events. This means that if we search just for this word, we will see all 3 events.

Event search example

To make life easier, Understand.io also supports filters where you can filter out results by specific properties, values and conditions.

In the following example we specify that the property message must contain the term "first".

Search query with filter

These are just a few simple examples on how to get started with search. For more information please see the Advanced Guide on How to Search.